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Ekuinas ILTIZAM Professional Development Programme 2020

75 graduates polished into a competent and adaptable professionals in the workplace through a 12-months structured development programme. The finale of the programme was a business challenge where the graduates utilised all the skills acquired to showcase viable business ideas and plans which could be implemented almost immediately.

IBFIM Young Takaful Manager Leadership Programme

We were blessed to have the opportunity to run the IBFIM Young Takaful Manager Leadership Programme for the second time around. This programme consists of leaders from various takaful insurance agency in Malaysia.

Bosch Junior Manager Development Programme

As part of Bosch’s Junior Manager Development Programme, we had the opportunity to conduct courses that ranges from Personal Mastery to Leading Teams. In 2019, we receive the opportunity to also train participants within the ASEAN region such as Thailand and the Philipines.

ExploreRace 2020 by C2S : Business concepts applied through a versatile, high intensity challenge.

We design and develop our Explorace to incorporate 4 main elements: 1. Foster team synergy through hands – on challenges. 2. Encourage creative problem solving. 3. Enhanced collaboration amongst staff. 4. Real time updates with digital race check points.

Axiata Young CEO Development Programme

Sustainable Growth Business Simulation

Participants of the Axiata YCDP had the opportunity to experience the sustainable growth business simulation. Also known as the 2030 SDG Simulation, it allows learners to understand the impact a business has on it’s ecosystem (corporate, environment and social)

Bank Islam Value Based Innovation Hackathon

The team had the opportunity to facilitate and organise a hackathon challenge for various department within Bank Islam. Ideas for improvement, from process, services to new products were explored and turned into a project which gave the organisation return on investments in a time span of only 3 days. Watch video

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