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Who we are

We are world class learning experts renowned for developing individuals to fulfil their potential. We are enthusiastic in helping organisations achieve their goals through people development.

As value driven professionals, our approach is guided by shared values and the delivery of sustainable results in an organisation. Most importantly, we are passionate, dedicated and experienced in maximising your return of investment.

How we create impact

Customisable solutions 

Our team of highly experienced and qualified consultants are passionate about delivering solutions that have been carefully identified to create a significant positive impact and generate results that maximise your returns on investment.

Designed for application

We subscribe to a methodology that duplicates life’s experiences in a structured approach, requires a high degree of participants’ involvement and targeting learning goals that have been specifically designed to your needs.

Environment conducive for growth

With our far reaching hands-on experience in the industry, we create a versatile and exciting learning climate to move individuals and organisation into action and bring forth positive changes.

One of the most obvious consequences of the current pandemic is the acceleration in adaptation of digital transformation into many aspects of our life. Prior to the pandemic, this adaptation hardly gained much traction. This pandemic challenges our mental model on how we do business and has forced us to embrace the digital transformation.

Digital transformation involves many different technologies. Currently, we see huge growth in cloud computing, the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence. Technologies are not only used to replicate an existing service into a digital form but also transform that service into something significantly better. At the heart of making the transformation is people. We can opt for any technology but the key for organisational success lies in the ability of their talents to adapt to a digital future and future proofing their individual tasks and the organisation as a whole. 

Thus the role of talent development is as crucial as it has ever been. Our ability to help talents adapt to change and transformation is the hallmark of Coach 2 Success. We are able to re-skill and up-skill talents through our customisable learning designs, impactful learning methodology and innovative on-demand eLearning tools alongside our well proven face-to-face learning intervention. 

Coach 2 Success contributes its ability to create lasting learning retention to our highly experienced facilitators. They are able to help connect the dots between established learning concepts and framework into real life application at the work place. This can be validated by plentiful feedback from completely satisfied participants. 

I am applying what I’ve gained in a graduate development program that I attended 10 years ago in 2009 and I am able to engage well with my team and contractors.

Incorporating digital learning technology coupled with our highly passionate facilitators makes all our programmes from Strategic Business Planning to Understanding Financials highly engaging and very interactive. Our facilitators work hand in hand with our creative learning designers who produce highly innovative Business Innovation workshops, highly impactful team building workshops and leadership modules incorporating business simulation and gamification. 

We also adopt innovative methodology designed to enhance innovation and business performance such as the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.

Lastly our competitive advantage is our ability to get participants to dig deep within themselves to reflect on the learning insights delivered. This is possible as our facilitators are highly experienced with many years of hands on sales coaching as well as performance coaching.

We at Coach 2 Success take pride in developing deep understanding of our participants and clients to customise solutions that fulfil their needs. It is successfully doing this every time that we are able to achieve high learning retention which leads to high return of investment on every learning Ringgit/Dollar spent.

What our clients say

I’m able to confidently and effectively coach my clients utilising the concepts learned during Certified Coaching Program with Coach 2 Success. The program has a good balance of concepts, current organisational case studies, and practical sessions which enabled me to immediately apply what I learn.

S. Singh, Senior Manager, TNB – ILSAS Consulting Group

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